About Support the ADC School of Evangelization

1. At ADC, we take a unique and comprehensive approach to evangelization, focusing on four critical areas of formation: identity, discipleship, missionary spirit, and ecclesial maturity. Unlike other programs that may concentrate on just one aspect, we weave these elements together to provide a more holistic form of Christian formation. This integrated approach addresses a broader spectrum of spiritual needs and helps cultivate a more vibrant and supportive faith community. Our method ensures that every individual's journey is nurtured, making the experience of growing in faith both profound and inclusive.

2. Our commitment to an ecumenical approach and community engagement beyond the church walls is more than just a mission; it's a testament to our belief in the unifying power of Christ's love. It’s an unmatched model with a formula for success that not only invites a diverse congregation but also serves as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change in the wider community. For parishes aspiring to make a deeper impact and connect with a broader audience, embracing this inclusivity can be a transformative step toward achieving those goals.

3. Unlike other programs, which may suffer from low viewer engagement, ADC focuses on active participation and the formation of domestic churches/home churches. This hands-on approach encourages the practical application of faith in daily life, fostering a deeper and more personal connection to the Christian journey.

4. The most blessed aspect is, that ADC is offering our four schools of evangelization for free to parishes. This presents a substantial cost advantage over other programs that are currently offered.

5. The ADC program offers a solution to the often-overlooked area of ecclesial maturity.

By focusing on how the charismatic dimension of faith can integrate with the parish's hierarchical structure, ADC presents a pathway to rejuvenating parish life and governance.

6. The ADC School of Evangelization is a vital tool for fostering vibrant, engaged, and spiritually mature Christian communities. 

Please consider supporting The ADC School of Evangelization Project.